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We're outdoorsmen.  We're veterans. 
And we've relied on quality-made equipment and unparalleled customer service for decades. 
We know what happens when experiences are ruined because of poorly made gear or substandard services.  We also know how difficult it is to find new equipment and experiences because of limited information, poor reviews, or inflated costs.  We want to change that.  We know the customer, because we are the customer.
Our mission is rooted in our passion.  We spend nearly every waking moment hunting, fishing, and trapping.  At Barney Outdoors, we're committed to connecting outdoorsmen to the greatest gear, services, and experiences America has to offer. 
We blend decades of experience with rigorous testing and research.  Our everyday application creates entertaining content that educates and inspires.  Just as important, we engage our viewers through relevant conversation and partner with industry leaders to give outdoorsmen the power of informed choice.
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