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Blue Catfish

Searching for big catfish is definitely one of my favorite types of fishing. There's many different species but the Blue Catfish is one of my favorites to catch! I've had lots of luck at a 'secret spot' on the Potomac River, so I headed to a deep hole along the bank and put some worms on the bottom. It's that simple sometimes...! I was pumped to have a great friend on the boat while knocking species #14 of the list!!!

Wood Duck

Early season waterfowling is all about knowing where the ducks want to be and getting in position to put a bead on them at first light! Wood ducks, Mallards, and Teal are beautiful birds that can be plentiful in October... and the tell tale whistle and flight of the gorgeous Wood Duck gets my heart racing every time I encounter them! On this trip I was fortunate to harvest species #13 and do it with great folks- a double win!

Longnose Gar

Catching this Longnose Gar is exactly what this challenge is all about! This episode is a perfect example of identifying a species I wanted to catch, learning how to do it, putting in the effort, and being successful. I spent a lot of time learning lessons from other folks and from my past experiences... I focused on just that species... and I was fortunate to find a great spot! It feels great to get this experience on camera and to knock out species #12!

Striped Bass

The Forever Grateful is cleaned up, maintenanced, and ready for this year's fishing season! This gorgeous Striper isn't the first fish of the year, but it's by far the biggest. I had to troll big baits on deep lines to coax a solid hit- the water is warming up but is barely in the 50's in Virginia. It's a new year and species #11 is off the books!

Long-tailed Duck

Chasing sea ducks on Chesapeake has been an amazing experience! I put all my focus on learning about the Long-tailed duck and was blessed to harvest species #10!


Knocked the Bufflehead off the list during an amazing Chesapeake hunt! Buffies are small, fast, erratic, and gorgeous birds! Sea ducks and divers are everywhere on the bay, and I was fortunate to spend a quick morning slinging some shells at Buffies, Scoters, and bluebills!

Surf Scoter

Special Sea Duck season is starting off great on the Chesapeake Bay- I brought just enough shells to bag a limit of Surf Scoters and knock off species #8! I was fortunate to see lots of longtails and even a few Eiders! The winds, waves, and temps are all over, but it's keeping the ducks flying. Hundreds of Scoters are cruising the bay, and flocks of Bluebills, Ringnecks, and buffies are showing up!

Whitetail Deer

I managed to harvest my largest public land Whitetail buck on a gorgeous 3,000 acre Virginia WMA! Finding deer on public land is one thing... getting within archery range when you're on a tight schedule is another... I'm truly blessed to knock off species 7!

Smallmouth Bass

I made a quick trip home to Pennsylvania and I'm glad I had fishing gear in my truck! A trip to the river in search of bronzebacks paid off, knocking down another state and bringing the species count to 6!

Bass, Pickerel, & Perch

I put down the gun and picked up the rod & reel to chase after some reservoir fishes... 2 states down and 5 species off list. Now, to make sure the next ones are a little bigger!

Canada Goose

Chasing teal, woodies, and honkers in Tennessee! Canada Goose- cross it off the list!

Gray Squirrel

Episode 1... aka less than .3% of the journey!

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