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Beavertail Sport Sleds

Getting to and from the 'X' is an often overlooked aspect of hunting, especially when it comes to hauling gear or game. Whether packing in dozens of duck decoys or packing out a successful harvest, gear sleds make moving necessary equipment feasible. But all sleds are not created equal when being subjected to the rugged conditions of waterfowling. Made right here America, Beavertail Sports Sleds are over engineered to make hauling the easy part of the hunt.

The Sport Sleds are multi-purpose, all season cargo sleds designed to be hand pulled in the field, across the water, and everywhere in between. Each sled is roto-molded from one piece of marsh brown polyethylene and has an aggressive leading edge. Their seamless design allows the sleds to easily traverse rough terrain and makes hauling gear over objects a breeze. Likely the best feature for waterfowlers, the sleds float even when loaded down with dozens of decoys and gear!

Small: 43"l x 21"w x 9"h and weighs 6 lbs.

Medium: 53"l x 25"w x 10"h and weighs 13 lbs.

Large: 64"l x 29"w x 11"h and weighs 17 lbs.

The Decoy Hauler Package is my go-to set up and is ready to securely haul all my needed gear into the field. Whether a cut corn field, flooded timber, or muddy marsh, the decoy hauler provides the means to get my gear to the X. A polyester decoy bag is attached to a medium sized sport sled which can be secured with draw strings. I swapped out the included nylon tow cord with heavy-duty rope to maximize pulling ability and increase distance when pulling behind my hunting kayak.

The Wild Sled Package sets you up with everything needed to haul game and decoys using an ATV, side by side, or any other vehicle with a hitch. The large XT sled is the big brother of the sports sled and can hold dozens of decoys with ease. The package includes a heavy-duty steel tow hitch, spring-loaded coupler, and a mesh decoy cover. It's 74"l x 38"w x 17"h and weighs 36lbs.

Beavertail sleds can cost more than competitors, but are superior when it comes to the real cost of ownership. They are built to last and proudly made in the USA. The company has developed incredible waterfowling products for decades and is well known for quality and design. The sports sleds live up to their reputation and are proven in the field.

Having quality gear is just as important as knowing how to maximize its performance. Options can seem endless, so we rely on experts to assist with our setups. The Sportsman's Guide is a leader in hunting, fishing, and outdoor equipment.

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