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RIGID Industries LED Lights

The outdoorsman's life often starts before sunrise and ends after the sun goes down. Maximizing the day means traveling and working in the dark. For hardcore anglers and hunters this is especially true. Enter RIGID Industries LED lights. Using quality and innovation to set themselves apart from the competition, RIGID offers a full line of lighting options that maximize light output while minimizing heat and power draw. Most importantly, they are built to withstand the roughest conditions- on the road or on the water. Designed, engineered, & tested in the USA, RIGID lights use patented technology to provide a 50,000+ hour lifespan engineered to take the toughest beating until the bulbs simply burn out. We can't afford to take chances in the dark, so we outfitted our boat with RIGID lights.



RIGID’s A-Series LED Accessory Lights are universal lights able to be easily installed just about anywhere. Each A-series light has a rock solid aluminum housing that is compact and incredibly light weight. Additionally, they are waterproof and give off 400 raw lumens off light with noticeably low heat. We run six A-series lights on our boat, using two for front navigation lights and four to light up the deck and stern. Green is an excellent choice for nighttime applications, but A-series lights are available in a variety of different LED colors including cool white, warm white, natural white, red, blue, amber, and green. Each color comes in high and low power versions running on 10-28 V DC. They provide maximum durability and are IP68 compliant.

RIGID DC Scene Light

Scene Light

The RIGID 1x2 65° DC Scene Light produces 1100 raw lumens and uses a patent pending optic system for minimal amp draw and extreme output. The scene light features a vertical spread of 69° and a horizontal spread of 65°, perfect for area lighting. We mounted two scene lights on the front of the boat to shine out in front and down deep into the water, perfect for bowfishing and avoiding shallow water obstacles. Each 1x2 Scene light has a polycarbonate reflector with 98% reflectivity, making the 115-degree beam pattern shine bright while drawing very little power. They are IP68 compliant and run on 9-36 V DC.

RIGID E-Series


The E-Series 10" Hyperspot has been one of RIGID’s most versatile, all-around lighting solutions since 2006. It's available in a wide range of lengths and configurations, and designed to project light at extreme distances while consuming extremely low power. We mounted a 10" E-Series (hyperspot) at the bow and it puts out an incredible 7500 raw lumens while drawing less than 6 amps. The E-Series features a host of beam options, including spot, flood, driving, hyperspot, diffused, and driving/spot and spot/hyperspot combinations. RIGID E-Series are IP68 compliant, run on 9-26 V DC, and feature a pressure equalizing vent and high-grade aluminum alloy heatsink.

RIGID Industries lights can cost more than competitors, but they outshine others when it comes to the real cost of ownership. Required harnesses, switches, and relays are included. USA based warranties are included and offer replacement or repair. Maximum output per light comes standard, and OE mounts and accessories are offered for each light. Just as important, their low-draw technology reduces strain on batteries and provides for longer operating time and life. They are engineered to be outfitted on boats and vehicles subjected to extreme conditions.

Outfitting your rigs with quality gear is just as important as knowing how to maximize their performance. Options can seem endless, so we rely on experts to assist with our setups. Crossed Industries is a leader in automotive and boating parts, accessories, and knowledge. Find the full range of RIGID Industries LED lights at Crossed Industries and expand your opportunities.

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