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T-H Marine G-Force Eliminator Trolling Motor Prop Nut

The Eliminator Prop Nut is built to make your trolling motor perform better, longer, and quieter.

The T-H Marine G-Force Eliminator Prop Nut is a simple and ingenious piece of gear designed specifically to increase the performance of your trolling motor... without breaking the bank. The Prop Nut is machined from billet aluminum and eliminates nearly all trolling motor vibrations leading to smoother and more quiet use. Additionally, it increases overall trolling motor efficiency making your batteries last longer. A quiet motor is critical when fishing shallow-water fish that spook easily... longer battery life keeps an angler on the water longer... it’s a no-brainer.

How and why it works.

The Eliminator secures behind the trolling motor prop and is remarkably easy to install- no tools are needed and it quickly screws into place. As the prop spins, it self-tightens ensuring a rigid, tight seal. The Prop Nut reduces trolling motor vibrations through its weight, shape, and design. Simply, the Eliminator creates a wider contact area for a more stable prop. Just as important, it acts as a heat sink and has built-in cooling ports to reduce the trolling motor’s operating temperature- this quickly increases battery and trolling motor life. We’ve had the Eliminator Prop Nut on our boat for well over 100 hours. Besides the improvements noted above, we’ve noticed more water and weeds are pushed out and away from the prop. Whether in less than a foot of water or with the trolling motor shaft three feet down, we have seen a noticeable increase in performance.

It’s an addition that is quickly forgotten about after being installed for a while, until it’s time to perform regular trolling motor maintenance. Once of the best aspects of the Prop Nut is how quick and easy it is to remove after a long day or weekend on the water. Changing a prop, or removing tangled weeds and line, is a breeze.

The Eliminator is machined in various colors and adds a simple, yet aesthetically matching look. Additionally, each Nut Prop is anodized to keep it protected. We routinely use our trolling motor in fresh, brackish, and salt water; a simple wash down after trips has kept the Prop Nut looking like new.

The G-Force Eliminator Prop Nut is designed and made in the USA, and fits most Minn Kota and Motorguide trolling motors. For all the time spent keeping our trolling motors operating at peak performance, the Eliminator quickly enchances your investment.

Where we get them.

We picked up the Prop Nut from Crossed Industries after hearing about its ability to make our boat quieter on the water. Crossed Industries is a veteran-owned company focused on bringing together automotive and outdoor products that enhance the outdoorsman's’ experience. Furthermore, we expect customer service to be even better than the gear we buy, and the service at Crossed Industries is unmatched. New products and programs are added each day at Use our Coupon Code BOD at checkout and save an additional 10%.

Some products aren’t a necessity until you realize what you’ve been missing without them.


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