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GRUV Fishing Bait Box

There is design, and there is innovation.

Gruv Fishing’s full product line of hard bait boxes are specifically created to enhance an anglers time on the water. They are more than compartment-style boxes; they are the first box that can effectively store, organize, and SECURE your tackle. Lightweight, durable, and adaptable enough to ensure our hooks and lures are ready to perform.

How and why they work.

Gruv Fishing boxes are made of rugged polycarbonate shells that provide unparalleled durability, and a clear lid which offers complete visibility to see what is inside. Patent-pending silicone anchors secure each hook or lure to provide flexibility for different sizes and shapes. Rigged, neodymium magnetic closures keep the box secure, and they far outperform latches. Each hook and lure is protected from being chipped, damaged, or weakened regardless of weather conditions or how their stored on the boat.

We need our tackle to perform the first time, every time. We need to be able to change out our hooks and lures quickly as the conditions change. The Gruv Fishing bait boxes keep our investments protected and easy to reach. Two bait boxes take up the same space as a normal plastic bait box, but hold significantly more tackle while keeping every aspect functional. The Gruv Fishing bait boxes are not waterproof- and it’s by design. The product is so well built and secure strong that very little moisture enters the box. Secondly, silicone repels water and moisture; when the hooks are anchored in the silicone anchors or slits, any moisture that may be on the bait or hook or in the box is repelled away from your tackle. The silicone anchors hold tackle so securely that moisture can simply be shaken out. The raised anchors keep lures and hooks off the bottom where water drops accumulate, ensuring no rust and no fading.

Gruv Fishing products offer a Hard Bait Box which holds 14-30 hard baits depending on size, and easily secures our Yeager, SheAngler, and Livingston hard baits. They also have produce a Big Jig Box which securely holds 115 larger jigs and/or hooks; LazyMan Hooks, Head Shed Wigglers, and 911 Custom Lure jigs fit snuggly, with enough room to protect the skirts. Gruv Fishing launch pads of each are available to quickly access your favorite and most used tackle anywhere on the boat.

Where we get them.

We buy all our Gruv Fishing products Cross Bone Outfitters. It was CBO who introduced us to Gruv Fishing after iCast 2018, and they are the most innovative and well designed storage system on the market. We expect customer service to be as good as the gear we buy, and CBO’s service is unmatched. Cross Bone Outfitters is our one-stop-shop for keeping our fishing investments protected with gear that is proven on the water.

The first thing we reach for while on the boat, with 100% confidence our tackle is protected.


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