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TruProducts Reel, Gun, & Bow Oils

Uniquely engineered for the performance and protection of your reels, guns, and bows.

TruProducts is a full line of reel/gun/bow oils which are 100% synthetic and designed to create a lasting barrier of protection on all your firearms and reels. They are engineered to create a molecular barrier between metals and the elements protecting your gear in the most rugged conditions and extreme circumstances. From saltwater to freshwater, and in all temperature extremes in the field, TruProducts oils just simply perform. And they are 100% made in the USA by a veteran-owned company.

How and why they work.

TruRecoil's strong molecular structure resists oxidation, evaporation, and chemical changes. Non-synthetic oil products immediately begin to decompose upon exposure to air; therefore, TruRecoil oils do not produce sludge like petroleum products. They produce four oils specifically engineered for fishing reels, high performance firearms, and archery tackle:

TruRecoil is designed to lubricate and protect all firearms. It has a special blend of additives which penetrate metal to leave a barrier of protection against oxidation, rust, and friction wear. We always use TruRecoil on our rifles and pistols to ensure they function properly. Whether one long range shot from a .300 Ultra Mag or several clips of .45 ACP at 15 yards, we are 100% confident our weapons will not malfunction.

Maximum Waterfowl enhances the superior qualities of TruRecoil with improved corrosion inhibitors and freezing points of -72 degrees. It comes in a spray bottle which ensures maximum coverage of moving metal parts while in the field. We’ve used Maximum Waterfowl in the woods, on the water, and at the sporting clay range with amazing results. While other guns seized, ours just kept performing regardless of temperature or rounds shot!

TruDraw is designed to have minimal scent and creates unmatched protection from rust. It can be applied to all metal and carbon parts, and reduces sounds produced from moving metal-on-metal contact. We keep our archery equipment lubricated with TruDraw, including other metal equipment such as seats and stands. We’ve had had deer walk within 10 yards and our gear is nearly silent because of the lubrication. Minimizing scent and sound while hunting game with archery equipment is paramount!

TruCast can be used on all fishing reels to dramatically reduce friction and create smooth casting and consistent line drag. It is engineered to be safe for the environment and significantly reduces reel wear by cleaning, lubricating, and protecting external reel parts. Many of our reels are routinely exposed to freshwater, brackish water, and saltwater within consecutive days. Our casts are longer, our drags are tighter, and we never worry a fish won’t make it to the boat because of our reels not performing!

Additionally and just as notable, TruRecoil outperforms all other cleaning oils we have used. It undoubtedly removes oxidation off older equipment and removes more carbon buildup within our receivers. Before our guns go in the safe or rods get hung for storage, we apply TruProducts to ensure our gear will work the first time, regardless of how long it has been stored.

Where we get them.

We buy all our TruProducts oils from Cross Bone Outfitters. It was CBO who introduced us to TruProducts and they engineer the most innovative and best performing hunting/fishing lubricants on the market. CBO sells all TruProducts oils for less than a box of shells or a spool of fishing line. We expect customer service to be better than the gear we buy, and CBO’s service is unmatched. Cross Bone Outfitters is our one-stop-shop for all our fishing tackle and keeps our investments protected with gear that is proven. Click this link for a Barney Outdoors review of TruProducts Maximum Waterfowl Oil on Cross Bone Outfitters Facebook page.

Whether in the woods or on the water, the proof is in the performance!


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